The biggest gift that we in the West received from China and Japan is the Bonsai. For many bonsai enthusiasts it has become a real art to grow miniature trees and shrubs and maintain them in beautiful bowls and pots.

Many of the starting bonsai enthusiasts often face problems with their first bonsai tree because they know too little of the basics around this subject. This basic knowledge is easy to learn, see Bonsaicursus. This website is not a website like many, this is just a website with good information from Mariline Limbertie (a bonsai expert), mainly to support you with the maintenance and care of your first bonsai.

The world of Bonsai
This world is of course much bigger than the bonsai trees growing in pots. Terms such as rocks, mountains and forests also belong in the world of Bonsai. Nature is so beautiful that it is worth to display it on a small scale as well. On Bonsai Garden Online you can also find information about special bonsai techniques such as creating a forest, raft (with this technique a tree trunk is laid down and partly buried), rock vegetation, Saikei and many more techniques.

Bonsai Garden Online, Herbs and Grass
In the garden and in the wild, you can find many different kinds of grasses and herbs. When you put them in a pot, they stop growing and the leaves maintain the same shape as when they were potted. It is wise to keep these plants in a small pot for over two years and only then continue to cultivate them as a bonsai.

After these two years, you can tranfer the herbs and grasses to a flat dish. It is not necessary to prune down the roots. The advantage of these plants is that you can start to form a bonsai in every season of the year. These plants don’t require any special soil. If you do want to repot the herbs and grasses, you can do that every three years.

A bonsai composed of herbs and grasses in a flat dish is a feast for the eye. They look natural and you can’t change anything.