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Terms and conditions Bonsaigardenonline.com

Article 1. Applicability

    1. 1. These terms and conditions apply to all of our offers and to all the agreements made by us, however named.

2. If also the customer points to (his) terms and conditions, the terms of the buyer are not applicable. This is only different if the applicability of the terms and conditions of the buyer are not in conflict with our terms and conditions, then only the provisions set in our terms and conditions apply. Any other stipulation in the conditions of the buyer do not affect the foregoing.

Article 2. Establishment of the Agreement

    1. The customer accepts the offer made on the website by downloading Bonsaigardenonline.com.

Article 3. Prices, payments and bonuses

    1. 1. All prices listed on the website and / or e-mail advertisements include 21% VAT.

2. Prices include transaction costs of iDEAL / PayPal or payment by Payment Service Provider.

3. We reserve the right to adjust the prices at any time.

4. We reserve the right to adjust or remove the bonuses at any time. We also reserve the right to offer the bonuses separately against payment.

5. Prices on our website and / or other expressions are irrevocable, Article 3 paragraph 3.

Article 4. Intellectual Property Rights

    1. The intellectual property rights relating to the documents supplied remain with Linda Van Zanten Affiliate and Internet Marketing.

Article 5. Warranties and disclaimers

    1. 1. Though the software and all related documents are put together with the utmost care, this gives us no guarantee of proper operation thereof.

2. The customer guarantees to use the software and related documents in such a way, that this causes no damage to us and / or third parties.

3. Though the software is thoroughly tested, we can not guarantee that the software will work for the customer. This is partly because we have no insight on the situation that applies.

Article 6. Liability

    1. We cannot be held liable for damages caused by the (incorrect) use of software obtained from our website.

Article 7. General provisions

    1. 1. The customer is entitled to a cash refund if the customer is dissatisfied with the purchased product.

2. The application for a refund needs to be done within 30 days after the purchase. After 30 days the right to a refund expires.

3. The client is not entitled to share the rights and obligations written in the Agreement with third parties.

4. The customer is not permitted to resell purchased software to a third party.

5. We are entitled to change the prices on Bonsaigardenonline.com at any time without further notice.

6. We are entitled to change the terms and conditions on Bonsaigardenonline.com at any time without further notice. It is the responsibility of the user (if it benefits the user) to regularly check the terms and conditions.

Article 8. Applicable law

    1.Exclusively the Dutch law applies on offers and agreements made by us.

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